chubby chernobyl

there are some flies that, upon first blush, make you wonder aloud as you pick through the offerings at the fly shop, “what was the guy who tied this thing smoking?” a couple of decades ago, this was certainly the reaction many traditional fly anglers had when foam became an accepted fly tying material, and flies like the chernobyl and the fat albert turned up in fly bins across the country. that said, how much fun is it when a big trout willingly comes to the top to take a bite of something so gaudy, so big and so incredibly unrealistic?

today, i would wager that just about every fly box, particularly in western trout country, has at least one chubby chernobyl or a giant fat albert or some representation of a stonefly/hopper/beetle in their box that they might have spurned altogether in the not too distant past. on a trip to patagonia last december, before the pandemic took root and locked us all away for last several months, i noticed that the go-to rig for guides on rivers like the malleo and the chimehuin is a giant chernobyl floating over a sleek perdigon nymph.

chubby chernobyl. cheech – june, 2021. ihis fly really needs on introduction so i won’t drone on. here are some basic steps to achieve happiness in this the chubby is one of the original large foam “terrestials” that loosely resembles a large grasshopper in shape, if not colors, and just works. it comes in many the chubby chernobyl is the most known large dry fly world wide! olive for hoppers, orange, gold or tan for golden stones, olive or purple for skwalas, .

the chubby chernobyl has taken the world by storm and has become the go to pattern for anglers around the globe. its understandable as to why. i’d submit that big foam attractors like the chubby chernobyl, tied by loon’s matt callies below, were brought about not so much as flies the chubby chernobyl is not only an effective attractor pattern but also an extremely versatile one. it floats like a cork, can be seen from, .

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