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in this article jordan oelrich, guide and owner of  interior fly fishing company who is based in kamloops, british columbia goes over “5 chironomid fishing tips”, a look at stillwater fly fishing’s most meticulous method. this is article is brought to us by folks over at scientific anglers, the leaders in fly lines and terminal tackle. the draw of fishing chironomids are the days where everything lines up. when you are overtop of the fish, you’ve tied on the right bug, and there’s a feeding frenzy below as large schools of rainbows inhale one ascending chironomid pupa after the other. unless you are backed by a powerful hunch or have significant reason to switch out, fifteen minutes seems to be the magic window before making a change is worthy. desperately swapping chironomids out every few minutes will impede your chances of catching far worse than giving each fly at least a quarter of an hour. once your throat sample is taken and transferred to a small, clear glass vial or jar, pay attention to the colour of the body on chironomid pupa.

if you are seeing an abundance of what we call chromies, chironomids with a shiny silver or gunmetal body, fish are likely suspended in the water column. chironomid fishing can be done with or without the use of a strike indicator. strike indicators are useful in the early parts of the season when fish are feeding in water less than ten feet deep. often the case in periods of the season when water is cold, fish will not be taking the fly with much vengeance. with such a vast variety of chironomid species in north america, it is no wonder the die-hard chironomid anglers come equipped with a heavy arsenal of flies. in order to imitate the gills on a chironomid pupa, flies are typically tied with a small tuft of white yarn at the head of the fly or a painted white bead. while the yarn is a more natural presentation, there are times when fish will hone in on white beads. the visibility of the painted white bead allows fish to seek it out from a distance.

i get a chance to really study what happens in the ecosystems trout thrive in, and watch what tackle works best for my clients, my friends, my family, and myself. on top of that, when i am not guiding, i spend my days off with tina on the lakes. one of the ways to fish that i really enjoy is setting up with a deep chironomid rig. right now i am finding fish in my main lake (east lake) from 15 feet out to 20 feet which means i need a 19 to 20 foot leader. but it is manageable and here is what i use to get the job done better than anything out there.

for guide rods (i keep eight rods set up in my boat for my clients) i use the echo 3 ten foot 5 weight, with a echo 4/5 ion reel set up with a rio grand in-touch wf6  fly line. the line is overweighted which slows the cast down and lobs out a 20 foot leader plus a break away indicator (call it a bobber, i do!) besides the line being overweighted for the rod, which i believe helps people achieve a good cast more often than not, this in-touch line is a ultra low stretch core which means when the bobber goes under, your reaction and hook set is going to be faster at driving in the hook better than a standard line that has a lot of stretch. the echo 3 5100-4pc rod is a bargain at $349.95, the ion reel is $79.95 and the rio grand in-touch line is $89.95. when i am fishing on my own i use a similar set up but go with the sage x 10′ 5 weight, an abel super 5 reel and an airflo bandit wf6 fly line. it is the best of the best and besides having this rod set up all summer in my boat for oregon lake fishing, i use this rod to travel with in the winter when i go to patagonia and new zealand.

chironomid fishing is a very particular game. one fly size too large, a few shades too dark or a foot too far from bottom are small you can catch fish on chironomids year-round. some bodies of water have some great chironomid action in summer and fall, but there are so many other food one of the ways to fish that i really enjoy is setting up with a deep chironomid rig. in the early season, this is often done in less than, .

chironomids make up an enormous part of trout diets all across north america, all year long. almost anywhere you go, chironomid imitations will let’s start off with the basics. with chironomid fishing you have to keep in mind that there are many paths to take; floating and sinking lines or strike ways to fish with an indicator: chironomid fishing with an indicator is without a doubt the most successful way to present the fly. “naked”: chironomid, .

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