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but i’ve had a lot of arguments with some of them in terms of what i should do, and its really really frustrating you need to educate yourself you need to take care of yourself. ok so here some of the things i want to talk about today, a lot of people are kind of um, i’m searching for a word now, but a lot of people have heart problems and many people today take it for granted they just think that that’s natural, its normal as you get older you have high blood pressure, you have high cholesterol and we have this epidemic right now of heart disease and diabetes. these diseases happen when we are children, it has to do with atherosclerosis and narrowing and hardening of the arteries, and when you don’t take care of you arteries they cannot take care of you. so you know it takes a reeducation of the consumer that has been brain washed by marketing techniques and as they do these people, these people begin to shape their own future, they can largely determine how they want to live, the diseases they are going to have we have incredible power on our plates, and yet we don’t seem to know how to use that plate toward our advantage. dr. hans diehl: so heart disease is becoming a pediatric problem when you think about it, and then it progresses until you have about seventy percent narrowing of the coronary the heart arteries. dr. hans diehl: i want to be a grandpa and he said i’m going to do what others had done in the field dr. esselstyn and dr. ornish. thank you for listening and i wanted to let you know, i do have a non profit that i recently found. i saw for the first time what can happen when you give people a chance to simplify their diet and make some lifestyle changes that we all knew were important in preventing disease. you know, and in the outside world, and so i said, i need to help develop restaurants. but you go to rockford, you go to all the trip cities, and you come to a restaurant that says trip approved, you are the intellectual leaders of this town.

i noticed that in your websites, one of the things that you have is the program to get chip into your corporation because it reduces your health costs, and corporations realize that if their employees are sick, they are not going to be getting productive work out of them. and so, i am just really happy to share, especially with our listeners in it’s all about food, that there are certain determinants. hans diehl: and people don’t understand that you can drive the cholesterol down with a simple diet in four weeks. caryn hartglass: when you go through an airport of a mall, and you get the cinnabons that are 1500-2000 calories. caryn hartglass: you know, we have been having a hard time getting the government to step in line and really support health promoting policies. hans diehl: there is no limitation, we use the word, at liberty, you only have to worry about portion size because the stomach can only hold 4 cups of food. we show you how to eat more of the right food. hans diehl: and the thing is, if you make it accessible, and people don’t buy it, then stores would have so much wasteful food. that’s where you’re going to find over a hundred recipes, and all the inspiration that you need. this is the site for the nonprofit responsible eating and living. * leave comments and questions on the prn voicemail line, 862-800-6805, with your name, the name of this show, it’s all about food, and your question to be answered on the next program.

chip is a community-based intervention program that uses behavioral change principles in a group or self-guided thank you for joining me, were going to be talking about my favorite subject food because really, it’s all about food. dr. hans diehl: that’s often times the case what we do in our chip program in the complete health improvement program (chip), formerly known as the coronary health improvement project, is a, complete health improvement program near me, seventh day adventist chip program, seventh day adventist chip program, chip diet food list, chip facilitator training.

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