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the chip intervention was founded by dr hans diehl in 1986 after working for a period as the director of education and research at the pritikin longevity center. these studies have documented the changes in the selected biometrics, including body weight and blood measures, which are taken as a standard component of the chip intervention at program entry and after approximately 4 weeks to increase accountability and engagement with the program. the encouraging outcomes of this pilot study resulted in an ambitious project to enroll 7% of the targeted population of rockford, illinois, to chip interventions delivered in clinical, corporate, and community settings.13 the project used a video-based version of chip for the educational lecture component of the intervention and was accompanied by a series of pretest/posttest cohort studies and 2 randomized controlled trials.

the first trial recruited 348 participants who were randomly assigned to a chip intervention or a delay-control group that was stalled 6 months before receiving the chip intervention.3,11,15-17,19-22 the intervention used the video-based version of the chip intervention but was facilitated by health professionals in a clinical setting. reductions in total cholesterol and ldl cholesterol were not significantly different to baseline at 6 months in the intervention group, although stratified analyses showed that they approached significance for the participants who entered the program with elevated levels of these measures. while the results of the study were subject to selection bias and the study did not include a control group, it is encouraging that the participants had significantly lowered chronic disease risk factors some 4 years after completing the chip intervention. a multisite study is currently in progress to determine the cost-effectiveness of the chip intervention on a wider scale.

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