Acceptance Test Plan Writing Process

Acceptance testing can be defined as the closing stage of testing which is performed on a system before it goes live. A system put through this testing process might include such end products as a mechanical hardware or software.


Acceptance Test Plan Overview

Acceptance test can be performed as a ”black box” test. In other words certain inputs are fed into the system and the resulting outputs verified whether or not they are accurate without knowing the system’s internal mechanisms. …

Agile Testing Process

Many software development teams that want to produce high quality programs will want to look in to the agile testing process. This has become a standard within many industries out there who want to produce high quality software. The reason is that it can quickly identify whether there will be any problems with the basic structure that is being built. You may be interested to find out a little more about how you may be able to integrate these different …

Agile Development in Software

agile testingAgile development is a dynamic process of software development techniques that focus on the software development life cycle. The software planning and estimation activities are not done only at the beginning of the software project, but also throughout the life cycle of software development.

Agile Development Overview

Agile development is a dynamic planning process. When adopting the agile development concepts and framework, software developers need to understand that the agile development is a multiple planning process. Compared with the traditional …