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size and a certain orientation in the water are basically the only requirements with carp flies. like with all flies, presentation should determine which carp fly you use and the characteristics of this fly. in fact, this is the beauty of fishing for carp on the fly—we can deliver flies that are far too light to use with a spinning rod or a baitcaster. if you have a tight, sparsely tied body on a carp fly, this fly will sink much faster. for example, let’s say you are casting to large carp in the shallows that are actively moving. the main factors involved in the eatability of your carp flies are feeding activity, profile/appearance, size, color, materials, and action/movement.

this also applies if carp in a specific body of water and time of year are feeding on a particular food source. flies like the hybrid, strymph, and backstabber are great impressionistic/buggy carp flies. your fly is squishy and takes on the scent of the watery environment. even though i tie flies with materials that have lots of action, i am still uncertain how much this contributes to the carp taking your carp flies. these fly patterns, whether “carp flies” or not, are connected with presentation, so let your presentation and the conditions on the water determine if you use these types of flies or if you need to go to more specific carp flies. think about this fly in the mouth of a golden beauty.

dialing in on what carp want to eat on a particular day and time is no easy task, mainly because of the massive variety of forages carp are more than willing to munch on. opportunistic feeders, carp will cruise around, and once they find a spot, they’ll start to feed with reckless abandon on any of the above-mentioned food sources, at any given time. that “why” is the challenge of all this, and generally comes down to how rewarding a carp eat is and how hard these fish pull. you’ll try to repeat the process that worked the day before, and just when you think you figured it out the carp will change, and you have to start it all over again. chasing them on the fly is a whole ‘nother ballgame, and trying to pick the flies that would work for every carp would be nearly impossible.

the carping community is a global one and this article is a great opportunity to show just how many types of carp flies there really are and the breadth of what carp will eat. his flies stand out as he has put in the time to create unique patterns that can catch carp anywhere. dominique moreno, from colorado, is a carp catching machine and he has used his experience to put up some cool flies and some amazing carp on social media as well. (photos courtesy of derek) jamie stafford from across the pond in the uk is a carp chasing machine and has adapted his flies to fit the environments and location there, as well as the way he loves to target carp on the fly. (photos courtesy of jamie) scott smith of tailers & chasers tailers & chasers from ontario, canada, and is obsessed with carp and chases all summer from the great lakes to small ponds and everything in between.

carp are the fly rodder’s ultimate gamefish. this is the first comprehensive book on tying the best flies for carp, featuring patterns and techniques from anglers around the united states. the carp are big, migratory and very predatory. for the fly tier, this translates to larger, heavier flies such as goby and crayfish patterns shop our selection of carp flies online at mad river outfitters! we offer a variety of quality carp flies that come in different colors and styles. carp might be the most challenging freshwater fish you will ever try to catch on the fly. learn these secret techniques and patterns for catching., carp crack fly, carp crack fly, carp crawler fly, headstand carp fly, carp candy fly.

carp flies are like bonefish or steelhead flies; there is virtually no limit to what you’ll see come out of the vise and into the aquatic pantry of the daryl angler’s top carp flies daryl’s wakame salad daryl’s purdy hybrid daryl’s scallywag daryl’s hipster dufus. a very quick and easy, effective dry fly pattern for plant eating carp. the mustad c67s super strong, egg, caddis hook, is kept afloat beautifully with this, carp fly fishing setup, hammerhead carp fly, best dry flies for carp, swimming nymph carp fly.

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