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having carp luggage is not only useful, but it’s a necessity if you’re going to have any success during your time by the water, and here at total fishing tackle we have plenty to choose from. there are many configurations to consider, but quality, purpose-built carp fishing bags and rod holdalls will help keep all your tackle and equipment protected and organised. you’ll need dedicated fishing rod bags and tackle bags as well as other innovative storage to ensure all your gear is protected from damage when it’s not in use. helpful and tidy carp fishing luggage can stop you from wasting time rummaging in pockets and using unsuitable fishing rod bags or boxes for vital bits of equipment. carp fishing bags and fishing rod holdalls from the brands we stock at total fishing tackle are all purpose-built. we can provide anglers with carp luggage including fishing tackle bags, fishing backpacks and more from a selection of the biggest brands around.

this way, you can choose trusted manufacturers to ensure your equipment stays in tip-top condition all year round and can be easily carried and transported. if you need something a little bigger, the scope ops deploy rucksack is a spacious and practical fishing backpack that has everything you need. this means you can get your tackle bag out of your main carp luggage and still keep things safe and dry! another thing you do not want to get wet is your gas canisters or cookware, and fox’s comprehensive range of carp luggage includes the camolite storage bag in a variety of sizes. the avid rod holdall is ideal if you’re out for a longer expedition or planning to use a pod or fishing trolley as it can hold up to five rods. think about the fishing areas you want to visit, for example, if you have a mile walk from your car to the bankside, you’ll want fishing tackle bags and holdalls that make this easy.

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over 50 years of experience in catch and release carp angling in the united states. 10+ years in business as your go to place for carp specific tackle and transport your gear safely and securely, whether it be rods, reels or bait. available to buy now at the lowest price online with fast usa delivery. top carp luggage brands that offer anglers strong, camouflaged bags are; trakker, nash, ridgemonkey, korda, fox, aqua and plenty more., carp fishing tackle, carp caddy, carp store, carp warehouse.

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