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fail to adapt and you’ll likely find leftover tags in your pocket when the season comes to a close. when i don’t want to unload all my gear out of my truck for the sake of building my bed, i’ll make a quick shelter with a tent or hammock and canopy option right next to my vehicle. i also like to use a canopy anchored to my truck for shade or shelter from the rain when i am cooking, hanging out in camp, or getting dressed. however, the older i got, the more i began to rely on a more comfortable place to lay my head at night while camping. it’s a game changer for getting a quality night’s rest, whether in the back of a truck, or on the ground in a tent.

it’s my go-to option when i’m cooking for more people than just myself, or when i want to add a little more to my camp menu options. i also use my cooler for a bench to sit on, table to cook on, or stool to step in and out of truck or hammock. as the name implies, it’s a tiny little light, yet it lights things up in a big way in and around your truck while camping. it combines the thermacell unit with a camp lantern for comfort and convenience. it’s another great solution for keeping my goods cold, yet it’s a portable option that i can haul to the blind with me or simply use around camp.

when you’re hunting there are two rules: be vewy vewy quiet and bring the right gear. as much as we appreciate the hunting tips of elmer fudd, if you didn’t bring the right hunting gear, you’ll just be moving quietly about the woods, and then you might as well just have gone to yoga (not that there’s anything wrong with that). the trick is to be almost invisible. for your own safety, and because it is the law, you have to wear at least 500 square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange. getting shot in the face by a fellow hunter!

now that you’ve managed to stay out of sight to the wildlife but fully visible to fellow hunters, it’s time to test your patience and your aim and hope for that trophy you can show off at base camp. elk is one thing, but carrying a 600 lb. we know you can’t fit it into your backpack, but the right pack can help carry the load. besides the rifle and some ammo, the frame pack is the number one necessity for hunting in the western united states. you can get them in several sizes depending on the size of your hunting party, and you can equip them with luxuries and amenities to make your nights comfortable and safe from the elements in between hunting sessions. hunting can put you in some awkward waiting positions, so give yourself some space to stretch out and sleep comfortably in your tent.

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