buzz baits for bass

the lure is one of his favorites for drawing fish out of heavy cover in both stained and clear water. “you have to experiment with the lure to find just how the fish want it, and changing speeds is a good way to do that,” he describes. “that keeps the head, skirt and hook a little deeper underwater, which makes it easier for the fish to eat the bait,” he offers.

speed distorts the lure’s true image and leaves fish with the impression it’s a tasty critter trying to get away. a thinner skirt reduces buoyancy and the smaller profile is more natural, he says. a lot of people fish buzzbaits without a skirt and still do well.” an alternative, he adds, is to replace the skirt with a soft plastic body as a trailer. if a bass blows up and misses, he pitches the bait into the same spot.

to keep a buzzbait on the surface it needs to be in constant motion, meaning once the bait hits the water you have to start reeling immediately and continuously reel until the bait is retrieved. as a buzzbait is retrieved, the hook and skirt run just below the water surface, while the propellor cuts across the surface making a sputtering/gurgling sound and surface disruption that entices bass to bite. this is a good style buzzbait to start off with when you’re trying to zero in on what bass are looking for on a particular day of fishing. the biggest advantage of a double prop buzzbait is how slow you can run them.

in general buzzbaits need to be tuned periodically to keep them running right straight and true, but the double prop is always balanced for the most part. like with most topwater lures, the optimal time for fishing a buzzbait is in low light conditions, and ideally with a light chop on the water’s surface. fishing a buzzbait in a heavily wooded area can be heaven because it gives you the opportunity to bump the timber. topwater fishing in general is tremendous at night, and buzzbaits are certainly no exception to the rule. another solution to missed strikes is adding a trailer hook to the back of the buzzbait.

a medium-heavy or heavy baitcasting rod works best for throwing buzzbaits. some pros throw them on their frog rods, but a typical jig rod would work, too. go 1-48 of 577 results for “fishing buzz bait for bass”. buzzbaits are best known for fishing in shallow stained water, but they can be just as effective in clear water when dressed for the occasion., buzzbait vs spinnerbait, buzzbait vs spinnerbait, buzzbait rod, how to tie a buzz bait, buzz bait trailer.

the classic topwater bait and big bass catching machine, the buzzbait, is a one of a kind bait that can’t be beat any time of year. similar to the framework of a spinnerbait, a buzzbait is a bent wire where one end is molded into a jig head. the jig head is dressed with a rubber skirt and single prop – clacker buzzbaits single prop – non-clacker buzzbaits double prop buzzbaits replacement skirts trailer hooks, best buzzbait trailers, topwater buzzbait, chatter buzz bait, double buzzbait.

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