blue crab bait

bull lip is fast becoming the bait of choice for trotlining since it is durable, inexpensive, and crabs love it. since most watermen tend their pots daily, which includes re-baiting, the fast decomposition of the bait is not a problem. the crabpot is the most common method used to catch and harvest crabs and is used worldwide. in the center of the bottom chamber is the “bait box” which is constructed of fine-mesh galvanized wire so that the crab cannot get to the bait. a long line is attached to the pot and a marker buoy (a cork or styrofoam float) is attached. the use of a peeler pot is preferable which does not exhibit this problem.

the line is baited at specific intervals and is allowed to sink to the bottom. at the end of a long day of crabbing, the trotline is pulled aboard and stored in a barrel of strong brine solution which helps preserve the bait. the crab will then approach and start to feed on the bait. the bait along with a small weight is simply tied to a line and lowered to the bottom. this is a very inexpensive, low-tech, way to catch crabs and is a great way to get the whole family together! some claim that shining a bright light into the water will attract curious crabs.

despite its fearsome appearance and aggressive nature, the blue crab is greatly cherished in the south carolina lowcountry. the smallest crabs shed every three to five days, juvenile crabs every 10 to 14 days and those three inches and larger every 20 to 50 days. the soft shell crabs are then removed from the water and refrigerated for sale and are generally in high demand for their delicious meat. if captured, they must be returned to the water immediately. crabs hatched in april or may become two to three inches wide by november and five inches or larger by summer the following year.

the megalopae and juvenile crabs are consumed by various fishes and birds, as well as other blue crabs. blue crabs are subject to predation throughout their life cycle and are particularly susceptible when they are soft during the molting process. recreational crab pots should have a marked float and enough line to prevent the float from being submerged at high tide. once a tug is felt, the crabber pulls the bait and crabs close enough to be quickly dipped from the water and placed into a waiting bucket. ocean resources, once thought to be unlimited, have declined rapidly in recent decades, due in part to the overharvest of many commercial and recreational species of fish and shellfish. adobe® reader® is required to open the files and is available as a free download from the adobe® web site.

bait – the two most popular baits are fish and chicken. fish tends to attract more crabs, especially if it is oily, but chicken lasts longer. almost any species what is the best blue crab bait for pots, traps, trotlines or the best bait you could use is freshly caught fish from the same body of water where you are crabbing. chicken, squid, turkey, or any type of oily meats will, homemade crab bait, homemade crab bait, best cat food for crab bait, how to catch blue crabs from a pier, blue crab trap.

the best bait to use for blue crabs is raw chicken, or oily fish like saltwater catfish or mullet, but crabs are bottom feeders so don’t think too hard about what scraps you come up with. you can’t go wrong with a raw chicken neck, and it holds up a lot better than most fish. the number one favorite and most effective blue crab bait seems to be chicken, mainly chicken necks and other scraps, with razor clams being a close second. as for bait, livingston uses the gamut available to him. he says, “if i can get razor clams they’re my preferred bait. it’s like, well . . . crack for crabs. most recreational crabbers use chicken necks for bait since they are considered scrap, are very durable, and crabs love them! commercial watermen, on the other, where to catch blue crabs, best crab bait for dungeness, catching blue crabs with chicken, how to catch blue crabs on the beach.

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