best winter boilies

the key in winter, especially if on a campaign, is to employ a bait that doesn’t stodge the carp up. this crushes the boilie to a crumb, which goes a long way. crumb is also nice and versatile meaning that that you can use it in a pva stick, ball it up and use as a groundbait, also introduce in a spomb. lakes will often go incredibly clear in the winter and so that yellow visual appeal could be just enough to get their attention. i like to purchase mine in bulk jars through amazon, but you can also buy it off the shelf. you can add all sorts to flaked maize because it is a very good binder. the little wrigglers are adored by carp and i rarely go fishing without them.

if you don’t use all your maggots on your session, then stick them in a freezer bag and then into the freezer. the distinctive ns fruit, zesty flavour just screams carp and you can sit back confident behind your rods knowing that a northern will do the trick! they need to be looked after a little more than maggots in order to preserve them. this meaty, fatty, oily hook bait is great in winter, but i don’t introduce it in any quantity because it is very fatty and oily, meaning that it’ll congeal. you will notice that the fats congeal on the outside in the cold, so i wouldn’t be introduce loads of it, but just as a hook bait it’s amazing! i like to explore the layers using a zig float adjusting it to different depths to try and locate exactly where they are laying. if you do any float fishing for smaller carp in the winter time, something i really enjoy doing, then dendrobenas can score well on a smaller hook. a very potent, stinky worm that can be found in the silt of many lakes.

that’s a big question, but i’ll start off with something that’s often overlooked, and something i think is an important part of all good boilies at all times in the year, and that’s texture. by ‘normal’ i mean the sort of bait that you could thread on a hair and expect to still be on the end 24hrs later. i look at a lot of ‘normal’ boilies and i’d not want to bait up with them at all in winter, not just fishmeals either.

a lot of the time i’m likely to be moving onto different venues in the winter anyway, at least i am through the colder periods. like i say though, most of the time i’m more likely to be fishing a different water from summer to winter, and with nothing already established, single, high-attract hookbaits still play a big part in my winter fishing. some flavours really can make the difference between catching or not, more so in winter than at any other time, so yes, it’s worth experimenting.

mainline high leakage pineapple boilies (check on amazon) dynamite baits red amo monster tiger nut (check on amazon) cold water green beast ( my choice is live system. it is a very soluble, digestible boilie, boasting a nice sweet taste and an almond-like aroma – a flavour i love to we all have our favourites, but it’s well known that high leakage alcohol-based ones are particularly effective in the cold, which is why soaking your boilies, best winter carp liquids, best winter carp liquids, best winter bait, best boilies for winter carp fishing, best boilies of all time.

“my current favourite single hookbait in winter is nutrabaits plum and caproic acid pop-ups in purple. i used these heavily last winter and whether it was hemp is one of the best carp baits for winter fishing and, although oily, hemp oil seems to be acceptable to carp in cold water – remember the there’s no need in winter to spod out a load of bait, try smaller baits – boilies of 10mm and 12mm work well even for the bigger carp., best boilies for autumn, best korda goo for winter, best carp boilies 2021, best carp rigs for autumn. sticky baits manilla. the whole of the manilla range of products will feature in my winter carp fishing at some point or another. mainline cell boilies. dna baits the switch. dna baits crayfish mini mix pellets. dynamite baits monster tigernut. cc moore live system. nash citruz pastel pink boilies.

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