best walleye crankbaits

with all that being said, we took plenty of time researching and have a list of the best crankbait colors for walleyes. and not only that, but sound is helpful in dirty water so you may want to use those with beads inside that produce a rattle. the berkley flicker minnow is a new crankbait for walleyes that are catching a lot of fish in just a short few years. the #5 is a short bait, only 2 inches in length, and mimics smaller baitfish.

if i had a choice to only run a straight or a jointed walleye crankbait, i think i’d have to go with jointed most of the time. i run them with leadcore a lot late in the summer last year and had a lot of success with them on bigger walleyes. while they have lots of colors to choose from, i tend to use the classics like pearl (pictured) and dalmatian (mimics small crappie or white bass). if you’ve walked into any bait shop in the midwest that carries walleye tackle, it’s sure to have a large selection of reef runners. if i know i’m going to be doing any trolling at all, i have at least 15 trays of crankbaits on my boat.

while the latest fancy finish or popular color can steal our attention, serious walleye anglers know that having a selection of cranks in various diving depths, floaters, suspenders and profiles is more important as you fish in different parts of the country or as conditions change throughout the season on your favorite lake or river. the hump design that helps move more water over its back and provide a hunting action made it an instant and lasting favorite of walleye trollers. the 800’s ability to be trolled nearly 30 feet unassisted and effective trolling speeds of .8 to 3.5mph make it a bait that can be used nearly year around. it has seen a lot of time on the tournament trail being cast at wing dams, trolled unassisted, or on leadcore lines. the much louder than normal rattles have also made it a go to choice in off-colored to dirty water where walleyes can more easily locate the bait. a very versatile bait that just seems to run well right out of the box, all models of the husky jerk are suspending models, which isn’t unique.

like most of the baits in a “go-to” list, we include it because of it’s versatility. the original model is made from balsa and has no rattles and until recently was only available in a relatively small sampling of colors. much like the original shad rap, it is constructed of balsa and features no rattles. 11 sizes excel in the aforementioned applications, whereas the larger no. originally only available in just a few simple colors, the assortment has broadened. the unique banana style body gives off a hunting style action, but with a much more subtle action due to the v shaped lip. while i won’t be silly enough to suggest that these are the only baits that will work, they are versatile and effective enough that carrying a good assortment of sizes and colors will allow you to catch fish more days than not.

5 best crankbaits for walleye rapala shad rap this bait was so effective when it first came out that some bait shops didn’t sell them, they these baits, such as the spro aruku shad, strike king red eye shad, jackall tn70, and sebile lipless seeker, are great for targeting walleye on 2. berkley flicker shads: these crank baits have become a main stay in any walleye anglers bag. when berkley introduced the newly designed, best fall walleye crankbaits, best fall walleye crankbaits, trolling crankbaits depth chart, trolling crankbaits for walleye, best crankbait of all time.

7176564.jpg. berkley flicker shad ; 7176565.jpg. smithwick roque ; 7176577.jpg. rapala husky jerk ; 7176583.jpg. rapala shad rap ; 7176589.jpg. while designed as a suspending jerkbait for bass, the mcrip85 definitely catches walleyes. it casts impressively and has the ability to get deep on a relatively for the shad style baits, i’ve had great success with variations of the rapala shallow shad rap. both jointed and non-jointed options work well,, trolling shad raps for walleye, walleye rigs for trolling, deep diving walleye lures, bandit crankbaits.

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