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to find out which one is right for you and how to choose the best wading stick, read on. if you’re looking for the best collapsible staff, you can’t go wrong with the folstaf original folding wading staff. you can use a wading staff to probe the water and see just how shallow or deep it is. there are three main categories of wading staffs on the market – static wading staffs, collapsible wading staffs and folding wading staffs.

they are just as sturdy as a static wading staff and allow you to adjust the height to get the perfect size for you. another thing to look for when choosing a fly fishing wading staff is the weight and size of the staff. you’ll be carrying your wading staff all day, across terrain and in the water. whether you’re looking for the best collapsible staff or you’re debating whether to go for a simms wading staff or a folstaff wading staff, all of the listed wading staffs have received excellent reviews. you’ll get more out of fly fishing with a wading staff to keep you from injury – get to the best fishing spots without risking a tumble or slip in fast-flowing waters.

although a bit pricey this is one of the products i have for a few years now and even today it performs as well as when i bought it. a bonus i only noticed after using it for quite awhile is, that you can unscrew the cork knob and use the wading staff as a camera mount. i do not expect more from gear in this price range and if you have a tight budget, i can honestly say that this is the best wading staff you can get for under 30 bucks. folded it is only 10 inches long and the smallest wading staff i ever held in my hands. a big part that definitely adds a lot to the fact that i like fly fishing so much is how close you actually get to the fish. even when you wear a wading belt, falling in the river can be life-threatening and is something you want to avoid at all costs.

you can easily check the depth with it and once you found a good spot, your next step will be much safer. if the wading staff gets stuck on the bottom between rocks and you try to get it out with a quick pull, the staff could disassemble itself. a too short or a too long wading staff can be annoying and if you can not find the perfect right away, you might have to choose the second option described below. i have been using a plain old sapling for a wading and hiking staff however its time to upgrade. one fall and you can break a leg or worse and be stuck in the backcountry with no way out but to crawl. more fund is he has several ‘options’ you can get to ‘bling it up.’ i completely agree with your review of the falstaff wading staff.

the best overall wading staff: simms wading staff best for the money: aventik foldable wading staff all around favorite: orvis sure step classic made in usa orvis sure step folding wading staff review – best overall fishpond lost trail wading staff review – best value hammers collapsible wading a wading staff ensures i step confidently through the water. it allows me to move faster, and makes crossing a river much easier. my preferred, folstaf wading staff, folstaf wading staff, simms wading staff, aventik wading staff, best wood for wading staff.

the 4 best wading staffs fishpond slippery rock fly fishing wading staff walking stick pro hammers collapsible wading staff fishing stick orvis black diamond a wading staff is also a key piece of equipment if you fish certain kinds of streams with fast water and bouldery, slick bottoms. a staff frogg toggs high water wading staff, black, size 49″ (28900). 3.7 out of 5 stars 15 -, orvis wading staff, fishpond wading staff, patagonia wading staff, amazon wading staff.

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