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for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on javascript in your browser. as summer winds down and leaves start to change, anglers around the country shift their game from trout to steelhead. most anglers target these elusive fish in the pacific northwest but lake run steelhead also have a huge following in the northeast, particularly in the great lakes region. we’ve also written a post about the best fly line for steelhead and the best fly reel for steelhead. remember, steelhead don’t come easy so enjoy the journey and the views. we spend a lot of time testing gear and writing reviews to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. 100% of our funding comes from your gear purchases, so if this blog post helps you on your next fly fishing adventure, please support us by buying your gear from us.

here are some of our favorite patterns for steelhead. if we left your favorite steelhead fly out of this collection, let us know in the comments below. although the ‘streamer junkie’ movement led to rapid advancements in fly design, the specialized equipment needed for this adrenaline-pumping action has failed to keep up. sight casting to bonefish with a size 6 gotcha is vastly different from blind casting patterns that are nearly the size of a chicken to apex predators. if the flies, species, and techniques are different, shouldn’t the rods be too? since then, it has become so popular here in maine that many anglers associate the fly with the state. jim finn initially tied the golden retriever on a 3x long streamer hook, but today we will be tying it on a jig-style nymph hook with a tungsten bead.

i wanted to provide some context for them based on lessons i’ve learned. in an effort to control something uncontrollable, i’ve tried to provide some of the thought process behind choosing flies for steelhead fishing. they’re just a few things i have observed fishing around the pacific rim with some of the world’s best steelheaders. i choose my fly size based on water clarity tending to go smaller in clearer the water and bigger when the water is more off-color. i usually tie on a dark fly and see how it shows up in the water and if it looks good i’ll fish it. in shallow or slow moving water you are going to want lighter flies, and the opposite is true for deep or fast moving water. so you can fish light flies on heavier tip which is a great way to stay off the bottom, whereas a heavy fly on a light tip and long leader can be a great way to get down quick. i might start the run with a heavy fly and then switch over lighter fly as i work my way down the run. the darker mini ostrich intruders black/blue and mini ostrich intruder metal detector are go to flies for me.

i tend to use brighter colors like mini ostrich intruder pink and mini ostrich intruder orange when i am looking for fish fresh in the system. i like the size and weight of these flies. if the river is off-color then i like it’s big brother the stu’s ostrich intruder. the fly has a bulky head with a strip of rabbit and some rubber legs behind it, creating awesome movement in slow and fast water. a bit bulkier than the mini intruders, this is a nice fly for most conditions. great movement that will fish well in slow and fast water. for high-water, a big profile and some flash will help. swing your fly in close to the bank and move slow and you might get one even in blown water. george has caught steelhead in ca, or, wa, bc, ak, bc, and kamchatka russia.

a top river guide tells you the 5 best flies for steelhead which are the stonefly nymph, the mayfly nymph, the worm fly, the yarn egg, so stonefies are not the only bugs that are around during the steelheads migration. mayflies and caddis flies come into play as well in the fall 12 hot fly patterns for great lakes steelhead ; the cuban flea fishing fly on a table. the cuban flea. alberto rey ; the gray zonker on a white, great lakes steelhead flies, great lakes steelhead flies, traditional steelhead flies, orvis steelhead flies, best flies for winter steelhead.

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