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i love to throw a jerkbait in the winter and feel like it’s one of the better presentations for bass fishing if you have the water clarity. i think guys still make one critical mistake with jerkbaits and that involves using the wrong sized line for the hooks they have on their jerkbaits. but i love those original hooks on a megabass ito vision 110. the other hooks when you look at them, they are a thicker gauge metal. and i think at some point, you can get hooks that are too beefy for a jerkbait all together. 5 hooks and i’ve even seen some guys put a no. as most anglers know, putting heavier-duty hooks on a jerkbait can change its ability to remain buoyant or neutral in the water. to throw a jerkbait and work a jerkbait, you need a rod that will load and cast a light bait. if you put meatier hooks on the jerkbait but you have a light rod and say 8-pound fluorocarbon, you’re going to have a hard time getting good hook penetration.

that’s the general rule i go with on my setups. but i match my lines and rods to the hooks on the jerkbaits i’m going to fish. on another setup i have 10-pound monofilament and on the last one i have 12-pound fluorocarbon. i know i won’t bend the hooks out with that lighter line and i can just pull into a fish hard and those hooks snag. but those hooks on the strike king jerkbait are meaty and you want to be able to drive them. i know i can hit a fish with that rod and line and get those hooks to drive. likewise the spro mcstick that i like gets to about 6-feet on 10 pound line. there are so many good jerkbaits on the market you really can experiment and find your own favorites that maybe a lot of other guys aren’t throwing where you live. but the rewards are too good to not invest the time to get good with a jerkbait if you fish around clear water in the winter.

“i’ve seen the power of a jerkbait, in every season, for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass,” vandam said. he might only have 18-inches or 2 feet of visibility, but if he can get that bait in the zone or where there’s fish are at, he’s confident he can get them to bite a jerkbait. while he is smart enough not to force-feed a jerkbait in situations where fish won’t bite it, he will try to fit it into the rotation every chance he can. that’s where it can really shine around fish that are heavily pressured and have seen a lot of other lures.” spring: spring is primetime for jerkbaits. “it’s a time of the year that i don’t go out thinking that i am going to catch them on a jerkbait but when i see a situation when i know they are in that zone and the water clarity is enough where they can find it, it’s going to be an effective tool to trigger them to strike.

the biggest key to fishing a jerkbait is making sure that you have slack in your line. if i get a good fish that is hot close to the boat, i’ll use the thumb bar to give it some line,” vandam explained. other times he might opt for 20-pound test to fish super-shallow water and keep his bait higher in the water column. the way it moves it is hard for them to get it all the way in their mouth,” he said. it’s awesome to come across a website every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material.

i often throw the deeper strike king jerkbait with 12-pound fluorocarbon. the fluoro sinks and helps keep the bait down since the diameter of the line will pull “with 8 or 10-pound line, it will run 5-foot deep if you want it to. this is the bait i use in the shallowest presentation in the warm water the best line for jerkbaits has long been monofilament line. the choice of many bass anglers and for good reason. monofilament stretches and bass are notorious, what pound line for jerkbaits, what pound line for jerkbaits, best line for jerkbaits and crankbaits, best line for chatterbaits, best line for topwater.

small diameter fluorocarbon line is a must for jerkbait fishing for a number of reasons. first, since jerkbait fishing is largely a clear-water technique, and since fluorocarbon is difficult for fish to detect, it is a perfect choice. you’ll probably get a lot of mixed opinions but 10# fluoro or 10# mono is a solid choice. sunlines mono has a smaller diamater so 12# would be if your fishing by stumps and weeds go bigger. the size of line will also determine the depth your fishing i lighter line will allow you to go “i know some guys like braid and some like monofilament for the technique, but 15-pound fluorocarbon works great for me. the heavier line will cause it to ride, best line for crankbaits, fluorocarbon for jerkbaits.

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