best jerkbait rod

because of that, not every rod is up to the challenge. we would suggest a line weight of ten to fifteen pounds with this rod, as that will give you the best results. this rod is built with the highest quality materials, and it shows. the build quality on this rod is fantastic. the medium power and fast action give this rod a perfect symphony of strength and performance.

coming in at six feet and six inches long, the rod is on the shorter end of our scale. that said, the rod is strong, and still has enough feel to make it a contender for being a great jerkbait rod. the medium power and fast action compliment the length nicely, giving this rod a great feel and plenty of power to move the lure, set the hook, and land the fish! this rod has everything you need for fishing with a jerkbait, and everything it does it does better than the competitors. using a rod with an action that is too slow and you lose out on the quick hook setting ability. given the fact that you’ll have to buy a rod specifically for the type of reel you’ll be using, this is quite the important question.

let’s take a look at the top jerkbait rods for 2021 and see if you can’t find the right rod to make your next fishing trip a little easier on the arm. the st. croix avid x baitcasting jerkbait rod is the same fantastic rod as with the previous st. croix model, except this one is designed for baitcasting instead of spinning. gary dobyns has decades of tournament experience and he has put that to great use in making the champion 704cb a must-have for jerkbait fishing. there’s a few things you’ll want to pay attention to when choosing the right jerkbait rod to take out on your next trip.

and if you are just starting out with jerkbait fishing then a spinning rod will be all you need. although you may find the rod easier to work, with a short rod you may not be able to land your jerkbait where you need it to be. you will need to put a lot of power into the rod to get the lure to do anything when using an ml rod. whether you prefer to use a spinning rod or a baitcasting rod, you’ll find plenty of high-end jerkbait rods available on the market today. wild hydro is the passion project of keen fisherman cody jackson.

given that vandam is the best jerkbait fisherman on planet earth, it was inevitable that he would design a kvd im8 casting rod specifically for this the best jerkbait rod – buying guide and reviews ; 1.1 kastking speed demon pro tournament series – our pick! ; 1.2 lew’s tp1 speed stick ; 1.3 st. the top jerkbait rods of 2021 1. st. croix avid x spinning rod 2. st. croix avid x baitcasting rod 3. dobyns champion 704cb 4. alpha slasher, kvd jerkbait rod, kvd jerkbait rod, lew’s jerkbait rod, st croix jerkbait rod, kastking jerkbait rod.

just the idea of fall jerkbait fishing gets us excited to head to the lake! jerkbaits are part of a very other great jerkbait rods. personal pick for the perfect jerkbait rod is the st. croix legend xtreme 6’6″ m/f. they double as good topwater rods as well as lighter the kastking perigee ii is the best all-around jerkbait fishing rod, especially if you’re looking for a two-piece design. we recommend the 6’7″, 6’10 jerkbait rod, 6’6 jerkbait rod, jerk bait rod, megabass jerkbait rod.

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