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one of my favorite lures to throw when i’m dealing with some dense grass is a frog topwater lure. instead of tapering off to a point, the nose is a scoop shape. the live target hollow body frog is on my list of best bass lures for fall for a reason. one of the more annoying traits of a hollow body frog lure, is that at some point it’s going to fill up with water. this is a great lure for spring bass fishing, when the cover is heavy and the water is high. this is the best frog lure for bass fishing a river, inexpensive to lose and easy to maneuver.

this frog lure has some of the best “chugging” action on the list. z-man has a great line up of poppers, and this frog is a real bass hunter. i like to have a couple of darker variations for when i’m looking for the best pond bass lure or murky water lure, and this fits the bill and then some. with the included trailing hook and overall efficient design, it would be a great first frog lure to throw at some bass for interested anglers. if you can convince the bass to take a big bite, it’s not going anywhere. fishing with a topwater frog lure for bass is about as exciting as it gets. the author of this post is bob hoffmann.

this is why frog lures are a favorite of so many fishermen. the number one spot on our list of bass frog lures goes to the lenpaby 5 piece topwater frog lure set. this set also includes a small tackle box to hold your frog lures in. if you’re a fan of hollow body frog lures, the booyah pad crasher fishing lure is a favorite of many bass anglers. with over twelve colors to choose from you can add a few colors to your tackle box and see which ones your local bass prefers. the soft hollow body is made to come out weedless so you can fish hassle-free. overall this is an excellent lure to your collection if you’re shopping for a large set of topwater frog lures for your next fishing trip, you might want to check out the croch hollow body frog lure kit.

these lures have hollow bodies and have a lifelike frog walking retrieve over open water which gets the fish biting. overall this is an excellent choice if you want to add a wide variety of colors to your tackle box the final spot on our list goes to the livetarget hollow body frog. these frog lures also feature an attractive spinnerbait style skirt which is sure to get the fish biting. if you wish to read more about frog lures you can check out this great resource on frog fishing lures. the bass in your area may be more attracted to a certain color of frog lure. when shopping you will notice that some frog lures have a spinnerbait style skirt for additional attraction to fish. most frog lures are designed to come out weedless.

1. livetarget hollow body frog spro bronzeye frog 65 bait-pack of 1, natural red 2. spro bronzeye frog 3. strike king kvd sexy frog 4. booyah pad crasher. 1.1 lunkerhunt lunker frog 1.2 booyah bait company pad crasher 1.3 livetarget hollow body frog 1.4 strike king kvd sexy frog. zoom bait horny toad is a great frog lure that has been a popular choice for many years. it is designed to be a very effective bass bait and does a great job at, frog lures, frog lures, types of frog lures, topwater frog lure, best topwater frog colors.

the next lure on our list of the best topwater frogs is the savage gear hop popper frog. this is a top 5 bass fishing frog lures lenpaby 5pcs frog lure ray frog topwater fishing crankbait lures booyah bait company pad crasher fishing lure, bull frog the top picks booyah toadrunner livetarget hollow body frog big bite rojas fighting frog river2sea spittin’ frog booyah poppin’ pad crasher., floating frog lures, booyah frog lure, dangle frog lure, floating frog fishing lures.

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