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people fly in from all over to experience the gorgeous mt. anglers in particular are known to visit, as oregon boasts some of the best fly-fishing around. the deschutes river is a beloved spot of fly-fishers in the oregon area, having made an appearance in the “america’s 100 best trout streams” guidebook. come to the area around maupin, oregon for year-round fishing. anglers in search of rainbow and trout fishing should have many pleasant surprises. the john day river provides excellent fly-fishing opportunities all day long. the mckenzie river is another fly-fishing spot known statewide for its bwo and midge hatches. the fishing season is generally summer with the best time to fish starting in the mid-afternoon.

the best time to fish is in the morning before noon. the rogue river has numerous access points but the best stretch is between the lost creek dam and gold hill. the best thing about rogue river? the north santiam river is a perfect spot close to portland and eugene, depending on your access point. the fishing is good all day and skilled anglers can find chinook salmon, coho salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout. the owyhee river offers easy access to brown and rainbow trout year-round. the sandy river is part of the mt. according to the official government website, “fisheries within the lower sandy river are noted for their population diversity, high quality of spawning and rearing habitat, and excellence for sport.” fishing season begins in december and ends in june.

chasing trout on this river is nothing short of spectacular and the chinook fishing is great too. the crooked is one of the most well-known trout fishing rivers in the beaver state, and for good reason. the redband trout put up a hell of a fight, and the summer steelhead fishing is incredible. you can wade easily here, and the fish are lively and active. if you’re in southwest oregon, the rogue river is one of the top fly fishing spots to head to.

well-known for the superb steelhead fishing in the area, you can catch fish weighing up to and beyond 8 pounds in this river. pick a spot along the 33.8-mile fly fishing only section of the river and pack a sinking line to get down into the strike zone. you’ll need to be aware of the rules and regulations in place if you’re planning to go fishing in oregon, from the bag limits to catch-and-release zones. so, you can keep up to 5 trout from a day on the water, or up to 15 from a longer fishing trip. you can get to the metolius river, deschutes, and the mckenzie river, all in under two hours drive.

without further delay, here are oregon’s best fly fishing rivers: confluence with the willamette river – which runs closest to springfield and eugene. 1. amacher county park, winchester | 6 mi., 9 min. boat ramp and some bank access on n. umpqua river. 2. apple creek campground, idleyld park | 44 mi., 50 min the lower deschutes river offers outstanding fishing for redband trout as well as one of the best summer runs of steelhead that oregon has to offer. the salmon, .

10 best fly-fishing spots in oregon deschutes river cascade lakes john day river mckenzie river wood river rogue river north santiam river klamath river. trout streams” guidebook. the closest city to this river is maupin and this river is open year-round for fly fishing. the rivers are everywhere! closest to bend, we have the deschutes river and tumalo creek. both of these provide trout fishing within ten minutes of fly & field, .

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