best drop shot baits

a lot of bass are caught on the drop shot rig all year long. i like to nose hook it on a 1/0 drop shot hook with a 1/4 oz weight. you should use this bait with a 1/0 off set worm hook and texas rig the bait on the hook, or nose hook the dream shot on a 1/0 drop shot hook. wacky rig the bait on your drop shot hook, and use it with a 1/4 oz. i will use a small 1/0 drop shot hook, and i will use the traditional wacky rig putting the hook right through the middle of the bait. you should use a small 1/0 drop shot hook, and nose hook the shad shape worm. i fish all of my drop shot style baits on a 7’2″ spinning rod, and a good spinning reel.

hope this helps get you “kraken” bass the next time you decide to tie on a drop shot rig! what i did is kept switching baits, and colors to find the one they would eat. another thing i do is if i’m getting a lot of bites and not getting them is let the line go completely slack when i feel the bite. i can’t wait to get out there again and throw the roboworm! my son is coming down this weekend for some serious fishing. i will be kraken some bass this weekend. current can be really tricky, and pulling from the bank you tend to get hung up a bunch. use this lure color selection chart and perfectly match the color of your lure to what bass are wired to eat without trial and error so you can catch the monsters!

this article will take a look at ten of the best drop shot baits for bass fishing and how they can help you take your bass fishing skill to a new level. for bass fishing anglers that love a drop shot bait that offers versatility in all types of fishing conditions, such as clear to cloudy water, and windy or dead calm weather conditions, this finesse worm can fit the bill. if you love a simple straight tail worm bait for your drop shot and don’t really look for soft plastics with a bunch of bells and whistles, this straight tail worm is the one for you.

this worm is perfect for drop shot fishing and offers some great movement in even the lowest amount of water current giving you an edge when it comes to catching bass. for fishing in muddy water or when the sky is a bit darker, you can get good results by switching between brightly colored baits as well as dark purple baits. for example, your leader length in the summer will be much longer as fish will be staying closer to the bottom of the lake. one of the biggest benefits to baits is that each one comes in a range of sizes and colors, so you can easily grab an assortment to get started with.

best overall. roboworm straight tail worm bait (margarita mutilator, 7-inch) roboworm ; berkley powerbait power worms soft bait – green pumpkin the worms -roboworm fat straight tail worm: favorite dropshot hooks light wire- owner mosquito light (size 1 or 2): many anglers think of swimbaits as a cast and wind bait, but they are also dynamite on a drop shot. they do an excellent job of imitating bottom feeding, best drop shot colors, best drop shot colors, best drop shot weights, best drop shot reel, roboworm drop shot.

drop shot baits worms reapers & leechs baitfish gobies & tubes best 5 drop shot baits jackall crosstail shad. : strike king dream shot. : zoom finesse trick worm. : roboworm straight tail worm bait. : yamamoto shad hook’d on bassin’s top 5 drop shot baits 1. morning dawn 2. green pumpkin 3. yum kill shot 4. white fluke 5. zman trick shot., what baits to use for drop shot, drop shot creature baits, tactical bassin drop shot, best drop shot rig.

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