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the booyah buzz is a single prop buzzbait with a clacker, for added noise to attract bass. booyah recommends using a double loop knot and 8-10 pound test line to reel in strong bass. the head also has a bright eye on the bottom, so it faces the fish below and can better attract them. the strike king swinging sugar buzz lure is available in a few sizes and 9 colors, so you can tailor your lure to your choice of bass and location. the three blades give this lure a different movement in the water, and creates a unique squeaking sound to attract bass. this helps it move slower and creates more bubbling noise to attract bass. the double take has twin rotating blades for extra lift, slow retrieve, and added noise and spray to attract bass along the surface.

the action of this buzzbait is sure to attract bass. the river2sea double plopper buzzbait comes in four colors and can be used to target species from bass to perch and blue blood. buzzbaits create a unique noise and sputter along the surface. when the clacker hits the propeller, it makes extra noise to attract bass. you can slow the retrieve once it begins buzzing, but you need to reel fast at first to get the action required to attract bass. buzzbaits are topwater lures, so they’re best used when bass are near the surface. fishmasters has product reviews for all things bass fishing and fishing in general.

if you’re looking for a good buzzbait to take on your next fishing trip, here we will review the five best buzzbaits that you need to try. this is a really great option that is becoming industry standard for everything a good buzzbait lure should be. the blade has a clacker that strikes the blade to get the attention of surrounding fish as you work this lure through the water. this buzzbait is designed for the skirt to bloom extra wide for increased fish attracting power. the single blade is provides great lift and commotion to really get the fish into a frenzy. along with its magic skirt and sharp gamatsku hook, this is one is everything you want in a solid buzz bait. because of this, you can use the bait with a slower retrieve than your standard buzzbait.

the final spot on the list is once again a strike king buzzbait with their mini pro model. it is available in your standard colors of black, white, and chartreuse and has a mini skirt with a lifelike eye attached to the upper section. you don’t have to just pay attention to the size of the bait itself though, the wire and blade size can also make a difference. we recommend you experiment as with a few sizes. sometimes when the fish aren’t responding to one, swapping it out for a smaller bait gets the action going. a bright colored chartreuse can work in almost any colored water. depending on the model there can be a variety of different features.

1. booyah buzz bait 2. strike king premier plus buzzbait – the double take 3. strike king tour grade buzz bait 4. megastrike cavitron buzzbait 5. strike perhaps the most popular bait to fish this way, a toad really is a fantastic bait to rig on the back of a buzzbait. a zoom horny toad is a good two newer buzzbaits that a lot of anglers are loving are the swinging sugar by strike king, best small buzzbait, best small buzzbait, loudest buzzbait, slowest buzzbait, cavitron buzzbait.

cavitron well above any of the others and i have a ton of them. second favorite is booyah clacker, but it’s far behind in success. comments: great action. they definitely get bit, but the durability is horrible. i honestly don’t know why they used such a thing wire for a bait that catches the lure is one of his favorites for drawing fish out of heavy cover in both stained and clear water. “it’s a great tool for locating bass in, buzzbaits, war eagle buzzbait, bass buzzbait, black buzzbait.

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