best bluefish lures

in this article, we’ve chosen the most efficient and best bluefish lures to help you catch more. this high-end lure is a great option for fighting against bluefish as they are designed to mimic them during casting and retrieval. the lure is designed to have a balanced shape and weight, allowing the lure’s casting ability to extend to schools of fish away from the shore. this bluefish fishing lure is perfect for aiming bottom-dwelling fish such as lingcod and is available in different sizes, making them ideal for shallow water fishing as well. the soft body gives a triggering swimming action and has proven to be deadly swimbaits.

it is exciting to catch larger bluefish and can be done by trolling, surf fishing, and using an artificial lure. bucktails, trolling spoons, and metal lures are the best bluefish lures that work best for them. cut bait is the second option you have, which can attract more bluefish because of the lure oil and scent it gives off. bluefish species are known to be a hard catch, and this is the reason why every angler is on the lookout for the best lures to add to their tackle to make the most of their fishing trip. now that you know the best fishing tips and the best fishing lure and their importance in surf fishing, you can catch bluefish productively and enjoyably. we exist to make this a reality for current and future generations.

the body is made of a hard plastic that is extremely durable and can stand up to repeated abuse from bluefish attacks. my favorite feature of this lure is that it can be retrieved at a range of speeds and motions. a rubber squid with a chain and siwash hook, it is hard to beat the simplicity and effectiveness of the hoochie. a favorite of many striper fisherman, the tube and worm is also incredibly effective for bluefish.

the rapala magnum is a deep-water diver that swims at depths between 10-30+ft based on the size of the diving lip and troll speed. whether it be surfcasting the beach, trolling from a boat, or casting to a blitz, the enticing swimming motion of the sp minnow is irresistible for bluefish. it’s a smaller popper that can create a lot of surface commotion as it “spits” water on the retrieve. have a great spring!

artificial lures such as stick baits, surface poppers, swim jigs, bucktail jigs, diamond jigs, and spoons are also effective lures to use. bluefish are an aggressive species that will readily take an artificial lure. generally speaking, fast moving lures with flash and vibration work best. it’s best to use smaller lures that land more quietly but still make a lot of noise once in the water. the guides secret baby bottle pop is my, .

the best lures for bluefish are without a question silver spoons. not only will silver spoons catch any bluefish in the vicinity but they will also catch just the best lures are both fast moving, and bright or shiny. the best natural baits are bunker, mullet and mackerel. the truth of the matter is, if if you know that bait fish are around, using shiny lures and topwater baits are the way to go. a silver spoon is an excellent lure for bluefish, .

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