best bait for minnow trap

you can catch a lot in a short time, you don’t have to worry about throwing a cast net, and the trap itself is cheap and readily available in most stores. click here to join us in the insider club! could you catch mud minnows in a mud bottom residential canal about 1 mile from a creek? can you keep them alive in the trap overnight? i love the on location video and the camera inside the trap was awesome. i love that your doing artificial only its going to make you much much better with artificial!! as an inside member i would like to ask if you could give me any locations to catch the minnows in the sebastian, florida area. on the opposite side of the peninsula from the boat ramp looks like an ideal area to look for them!!

another location is sebastian inlet state park, if you can access any of those lakes on the east side of coconut point there is a good chance there will be some in there, especially if you can access any of the culverts or areas where the water runs underneath the dirt road, like the one you will see if your entering the dirt road from a1a heading towards coconut point! thanks for the comment gary!! on the north side of the overpass where the culvert drains there is a deeper hole, and it looks to be a perfect place to look for mud minnows!! salt strong the best i have used minnow traps many times and, from experience, if u take the claws of the crab, u will catch a lot more minnows. will they survive for a while in a bucket with water? mud minnows can be an awesome bait, ill post some links below on how to use mud minnows as bait. they will probably stay alive for a good while in a bucket, but i would recommend to get a small bubbler for the bucket just to be safe and make sure they live as long as possible! thanks for the comment dave!!

try using a small, white styrofoam cup in your minnow trap for bait. it never breaks down, and for some reason minnows are attracted to them hot dogs also have a heavy smell to them, and when placed underwater, will work as great bait for minnow fish, just like bacon. (p.s. all of these baits work a variety of baits work well for attracting minnows, including dog food, cat food, hot dogs, bread and bacon. you can simply let the bait drift about inside the, best bait for minnow trap saltwater, minnow trap bait and placement, minnow trap bait and placement, homemade minnow trap bait, glow stick in minnow trap.

various household items serve as good bait for minnows. peanut butter, bread, crackers, live insects, and cat and dog food are all examples of cheap bait that spread from the trap. what is the best bait for a minnow trap? a slice of bread torn into pieces about the size of a marble or a little smaller or coarsley crushed selecting the best bait(s), has been far more elusive. i began minnow trapping with bread crumbs which were clean, cheap, and provided emergency rations when i. they can be baited with a variety of ingredients including dog food, cat food, corn meal, hog feed and bread. sometimes the loose bait ingredients are placed, glass minnow trap, minnow trap depth.

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