best bait for grass carp

the grass carp is a herbivorous freshwater fish belonging to the family  cyprinidae and the only species of its biological genus ctenopharyngodon. grass carp are native to the larger river of east asia with pacific drainages, including the amur river on the chinese-siberian border. grass carp were initially endemic to the waters of eastern asia. generally, grass carp can consume a lot of food, and they eat up to three times their body weight every day.

however, they are not the easiest fish to catch. the corn will attract the fishes’ attention, and they will be more likely to linger in that area. carp grass fish tend to come upward to find what they can feed on or to bask in the warmth of the environment at these times. the whisker-like barbels on the corner of the common carps mouth and the long dorsal fin are the main two features distinguishing a common carp from a grass carp. grass carp have been used in the great lakes and the mississippi river since 1975. most of the grass carp sold are treated to be incapable of reproducing, especially in the great lakes states.

eyes are centered on the sides of the head and are quite small for a fish of this size. the weight of grass carp can be up to 40 kilograms. if you are a beginner, try practicing your casting abilities, because to catch a grass carp, you can’t miss the place, retrieve and cast again because grass carp will go away. and it would be a shame to lose such a good catch. this fish can grow quite large, and for the biggest specimens you can use hooks in a #1 to 2/0 size range. the downside is that bread easily dissolves in water and falls of a hook, so you will have to carefully mould it around the hook.

the best thing about carp boilies that you can easily make them yourself and add ingredients which are the best for a certain location, season and specie. however, you will get the best effect if you mix it with something interesting, to attract carp attention. you will have a clear path to get the fish out and won’t have to work around trees, rocks and similar. and don’t think the “small ones” will not be exciting and hard to catch. to catch them, you will need a lot of patience and practice. try casting about 6 feet in front of them and wait for them to come to you.

bait for grass carp ; sweet corn – put two or three on your small hook to cover it up. ; cherry tomatoes – cut these in halves or quarters – again suitable bait to catch a grass carp would be a plant or a proceed from a plant. since grass carp are herbivores, they love veggies. many anglers use sweet corn, that’s exactly what you need when you learn how to catch grass carp. herbivores by nature, their favorite meals include lettuce, celery,, grass carp bait recipe, grass carp bait recipe, best way to catch grass carp, how to catch grass carp with corn, how long do grass carp live.

some other baits that are effective for catching grass carp include cherry tomatoes, watermelon (the red and the rind), fresh cut grass, acorns, dog food, catfish food, catalpa worms, tomato worms, grasshoppers, new oak leaves and green, kidney or lima beans. choose a size that can cover the hook completely. worms are natural bait for grass carp, so the fish shouldn’t be very suspicious towards them. how do you monster mike grass carp fishing tutorial! how to catch grass carp are fond of feeding on the surface and will take floating baits under the right conditions. bread is most often one of the best, how big do grass carp get in a pond, grass carp for sale.

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