beaver fishing lure

owner and pro fishermen, andre moore, has taken his years of on the water experience and created a bait that is tough and compact, but moves a lot of water and has lots of action in almost any situation. comments: i know the last thing we need is yet another review on sweet beavers, but i had to write one anyhow. if it tears on one side, i flip the bait around and rig it up again and catch more fish on the same beaver. the highest recommendation i can give them is to say, they’ve put money in my pocket. comments: the original and still a go to plastic bait for thousands of anglers across the country. comments: for all the snow birds that come down to florida to flip a sweet beaver all you need is 3 colors, penetration, hematoma and tramp stamp thats it simple. i use them flipping in lay downs and logs around the bank. i used jigs in the past, but the bass are to conditioned .

i picked up a pack of the black and blue color & use them as jig trailers or just texas rigged. first time i ever bought them was just because there was 10 to a pack and i wanted the most bait for the least amount of money. comments: i only fish california and dirty sanchez most of the time. i have a lot of luck on the river with smallies and spots when i pitch it up on the bank and drag it in the water. comments: very durable baits but absolute crap when it comes to action, i get more action throwing a bare hook and fishing on credit then with these baits. one last note te baits are not scented so the action speaks for itself.from: ryan: chitown, il comments: when money is on the line, and i am flipping weeds, wood, or any heavy nasty cover, the ri beaver is my go to bait. the are really boss and catch a lot of fish.from: henry: san luis obispo, ca comments: these baits are killer on  my home waters of lake champlain! these are just the best flippin bait ever…. i was flippin this bait today, into and around the weed matts were the bass had been piling up to get some shade, and since this baits is so good at gettin in and out of thick cover. i have caught a ton of my better fish on it and always have one tied on even if they are deep i got one rod i use for them and it is always on the deck of my boat.

the reason for their wild success is obvious when you look at their baits. they are loaded with salt for the natural taste a bass needs to hold on longer, and their unique designs are unlike anything else on the market today. but maybe the biggest reason for their success with fishermen and with the fish are the fantastic colors they are able to put into these baits. this bait moves a lot of water with the ribbing on the side, the large double paddle tail and the shorter paddles set at 90 degrees. the fantastic two and three color shots reaction innovations has been able to perfect gives these baits the intricate color patterns of a hand pour at the price of injected baits. comments: really like these for flipping. it’s a one fish and done bait. from: bill: cookeville, tn 8/12/19 comments: this bait is second only to a brush hog. turn it on its side for a post bluegill. on a senko bite you can throw it on a real set up and weed out the dinks.

theres a thousand copies of these for a reason. pretty much the starting bait on my punching setup, and if they want a smaller bait, the 4.20 on. baits are pretty durable… they lasted me 1 bait for 1 or 2 fish comments: fantastic bait. the plastic is nice and soft, so the bass grab it and hold on longer. comments: this bait is by far one of the best flipping baits on the market. put this bait on 40 pound braid 7’6″ heavy carrot stix and a quantum accurist pt reel and you catch big fish all day. they are the best in junebug and oxblood. comments: i cant tell you how much i like these baits dad had one on the floor of the boat when we (me) were clening after a trip to the lake. i saw everyone else fishing finesse cause of the pressure and i went with a 5.20 in penetration. biggest in rest of field was around 2lbs. * price comparisons are based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (“msrp”) or original selling price.

the beaver is a truly revolutionary bait that has multiple actions. it can be used as a swimbait, jerkbait, or you can burn it in. beaver’s baits baby beaver. the baby beaver is a unique blend of rubber and hair providing a swimming action during retrieve tha $44.99. beavers lures are quality fishing lures airbrushed and assembled in da upper peninsula of michigan. we make casting spoons, trolling spoons, ultra minnows,, beaver musky lure, beaver musky lure, beaver bait company, beaver baits for bass, potato for beaver bait.

comments: this bait was perfectly designed to catch fish. the larger body profile coupled with smaller appendages makes it easy to pitch under docks, small reaction innovations’ soft plastics have taken the bass fishing world by storm! the reason for their wild success is obvious when you look at their baits. the adding a rear blade kit to the back of a beaver changes how you can fish it! fish it like you usually would, strait retrieve it, burn it back to the boat, or, beaver tail baits, beaver baits river rat, beaver lures escanaba, musky beaver baits for sale.

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