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many places claim to be the walleye capital of the world but when it comes down to it ask any local and they will tell you both big and little bay de noc is nothing short of spectacular. fishing little bay de noc has changed throughout the years, mostly due to the introduction of exotic species in the great lakes from foreign vessels. fishing is best where walleyes seek cover in the weeds and deeper water as they are a skittish species. some of the most popular areas are center reef at the north end, the first, second, and third reef out from kipling. early in the season, a good location is just out from the gladstone public beach.

another area to try is south of gladstone called the “black bottom.” here there is a large weed flat in 8-14 feet of water that drops off sharply to depths of 30-36 feet. the quantity of fish in big bay de noc is less than little bay de noc, but the quality is, well, larger! another great location is ogontz bay in the northwest corner of big bay. there you have it, a brief overview of walleye fishing in both little and big bay de noc. good luck from all of us in the bay de noc area. you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.

big and little bays de noc lies at the upper end of lake michigan’s green bay and together makeup about 100,000 acres of prime sportfishing water. 3. little bay de noc is famous for its walleye fishery, but don’t discount other species. yellow perch also are plentiful here—and delicious. they fishing reports and discussions for little & big bay de noc – michigan. in kipling you can stop at bay shore bait and tackle just north/adjacent to the, .

little bay de noc, with its 30,000 acres of water, can best be described as a fish factory, with a . estimated population of walleye around 400,000. join captain ken lee on the waters of little bay de noc fishing for walleye, pike, bass, and perch. looking for a great walleye fishing trip? come fish with captain keith wils in upper peninsula michigan’s little and big bay de noc, for the trip of a, .

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