balsa crankbaits

it seems like trends from the past always find their way back into popularity, and it is no different when it comes to bass fishing and balsa baits. balsa baits are often homemade or specifically selected from a handful of manufacturers, like bagley, by serious anglers looking for a specific action in their crankbaits. when it comes to deflecting off of cover, nothing is better than a squarebill balsa crankbait. all squarebills are great for digging into cover, but balsa baits take it to another level. balsa crankbaits aren’t limited to shallow cover fishing. balsa baits can be better than plastic in colder water due to each materials reaction to water density. water is more dense in the colder seasons, therefore soft plastic baits tend to have less action.

flat-sided balsa baits are a must-have for cold water cranking. first, balsa baits are much more fragile than plastic baits so do not smack them off the water to try to clean off grass or slime. secondly, balsa crankbaits tend to run shallower than other crankbaits. this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but just be aware that you probably aren’t going to be doing any deep cranking in water more than 10 feet deep with a balsa crank. so do yourself a favor and go pick up a few balsa baits. the bagley balsa shad is a mystery tackle box exclusive bait, not sold in stores. the bagley balsa shad comes in at 3″ length with a lip combination to effectively fish shallow depths with fast and slow retrieves.

completely handcrafted in mississippi by cliff pace, the black label tackle wreck is a top of the line premium balsa square bill. built using the same 45 step process that all black label products are manufactured with, we believe the black label wreck is as durable and well-crafted as possible. the black label wreck contains a lexan bill, stainless steel hardware and comes equipped with 2 mustad ewgtg76 trebles. the sport itself has always been very appealing to me because it’s a process that is never the same from one day to the next.

i became very interested in building my own lures around age 15.  catching a fish on a lure i built myself gave me a satisfaction; it also gave me something to do when i couldn’t be on the water. it gave me the ability to make something that was perfect in my eyes for the situation i intended to use it, whether that be lead-based lures or balsa baits. the first balsa baits i ever built was for my senior project in high school. i feel very blessed for the competitive and business success that i’ve experienced in my lifetime. we will never have perfect days on the water, and we’ll never build the perfect crankbait, but we will spend a lifetime striving to accomplish both.

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