Agile test plan template

Agile test plan template is a sample test plan template that shows the process, procedure and framework for testing the software development. A well drafted sample agile test plan can help software development team and end users to improve efficiency and effectiveness of software development.


Agile Test Plan Overview

Agile test plan follows the principle of lean and agile in the software development life cycle. Several core practices used by agile teams relate to testing. Agile programmers use test-driven development to write quality production code. With the test driven development, the programmer writes a test for a tiny bit of functionality, sees it fail, writes the code that makes it pass, and then moves on to the next tiny bit of functionality. Programmers also write code integration tests to make sure the small units of code work together as intended. This essential practice has been adopted by many software development teams, even those that don’t call themselves “agile,” because it’s just a smart way to think through your software design and prevent defects.

Agile test plan has adopted the development approach that is different from traditional methods. Traditional development teams are focused on making sure all the specified requirements are delivered in the final product. If everything isn’t ready by the original target release date, the release is usually postponed. The development teams don’t usually have input about what features are in the release, or how they should work. Individual programmers tend to specialize in a particular area of the code. Testers study the requirements documents to write their test plans, and then they wait for work to be delivered to them for testing. On the contrary, Agile development team work closely with the business and have a detailed understanding of the requirements. They’re focused on the value they can deliver, and they might have a great deal of input into prioritizing features. Testers don’t sit and wait for work; they get up and look for ways to contribute throughout the development cycle and beyond.

Agile Test Plan Template

There are free test plan template you can download for reference, however, you may design your own sample agile test plan template based on your own needs and requirements. During the development process, it is important to consider the agile test plan format, agile test plan layout and agile test outline.

The first key part in agile test plan template is the agile test introduction. In the section, you may list the basic information about the agile test plan such as the background information, agile test scope, agile test objectives etc.

The second key part in agile test plan format is the agile test strategies and plan. In the section, you may list the details of agile test process and steps. For example, the Test Tasks:__; The Test Name:__, The Test Results:__; The test date:__ etc.

The last key part in agile test plan example is the agile test team roles and responsibilities. In the section, you need to list the roles and responsibilities of development team and testing team. It is important to know that all the team in the agile testing need to communicate and coordinate with each other and ensure the process and quality of the software development.