Acceptance test plan template

Acceptance test plan template is a sample test plan document that show the test process, procedures and tools for ensuring that software packages meet external requirements and achieve goals such as performance. A professional designed sample acceptance test plan can help software programmers and testers to improve their development efficiency and effectiveness.


Acceptance Test Overview

Acceptance test need the involvement of end users. Acceptance test has taken an different approach from the traditional software testing methods. Acceptance tests are defined by the customer in collaboration with the developer and tested and created prior to implementation. They are not the traditional user acceptance tests , which are performed after implementation, by the end user to determine if the system is working according to the specification in the contract. They are also not system tests which are usually independently written by testers by reading the requirements to ensure that the system meets those requirements.

Acceptance tests need to consider the intent and objectives of the testing. The concept of an acceptance test is defined by the intent of the test, not its implementation. You can apply an acceptance test at the unit, integration, or user interface level. You can use it as a validation test, which allows input to or produces outputs from an application installed in the customer’s environment. Further, you can use it as a design verification test that ensures a unit or component meets it intended responsibility. In either case, the test makes certain the application is acceptable to the customer.

Acceptance Test Plan Template

There are free test plan template you may download for reference, however, you may use Word or Excel to design your sample acceptance test plan template based on your own needs. During the creation process, it is key to considering the acceptance test plan format, acceptance test plan layout and acceptance test plan outline.

The first key part in acceptance test plan template is the acceptance test plan overview. In the section, you need to give basic information about the acceptance test such as the acceptance test policy, acceptance test objectives, acceptance test scope etc.

The second key part in acceptance test plan format is the acceptance test strategy. In the section, you need to give details of the acceptance test strategy and approach. For example, the Types of Test:__; Where Acceptance Test run:__; Acceptance test requirements:__; Acceptance test control and observation points:__.

The third key part in acceptance test plan example is the acceptance test evaluation. In the section, you need to show how you will evaluate the test sequence, test conditions etc.