How long is greyhound training

a career with greyhound lines inc. as a motor coach operator allows professional drivers to see the country, enjoy hourly wages ranging from $15 to over $20 and receive a generous benefit package. candidates wishing to drive for greyhound lines must be at least 22 years old. a department of transportation physical must be passed, as well as drug screening. all applicants must pass a criminal background check, possess a valid driver’s license and have a clean driving history. because greyhound buses cross into canada on some routes, drivers must currently have a passport or be eligible to obtain one. the first week of training to become a greyhound bus driver includes a 20-hour computer course. during this phase of training, the commercial driver’s license permit must be obtained with endorsements for both 18-plus passengers and air brakes. for candidates who are working another job, greyhound lines offers a flexible training schedule during qualification school.

the second phase of greyhound driver training puts candidates behind the wheel for two weeks of intensive experience maneuvering a bus. meals and accommodations are included, along with a spending allowance. each candidate will have a roommate at the lodging facility. men are not allowed to wear earrings or beards, and women must keep any earrings to a small size. candidates who are successful in the greyhound driving course advance to a three-week finishing school. this phase allows driver trainees to return to their home base and drive with a mentor on board for 120 hours. a final road test must be passed at the end of finishing school. a per diem spending allowance continues during this final phase of training.

white shirts with collars, a black tie, long black pants, black socks and black dress shoes are all part of the dress code. it is a three-phase training program. phase i is unpaid training that you can either do part-time or full-time. the part-time these two friends and long-time co-workers work as a team, walking the station to spot customers who need a hand. each driver has to complete 160 hours of training before being qualified to drive, greyhound training program, greyhound training program, greyhound driver salary, greyhound careers, greyhound bus driver jobs.

greyhound runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week that is your scheduled day in and day out you don’t get many days off greyhound university go greyhound u and leave the training to us! interviewing and training. the hiring process takes approximately six to seven weeks and consists of an interview as well, greyhound ticket agent, greyhound employees, greyhound franchise, greyhound working

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