How do I get hedis certified

ncqa’s measure certification program validates organizations’ hedis®, “align. (amp)” and other quality measure logic used to calculate measure results or select eligible patients’ administrative or clinical data sources to ensure production of accurate results. by earning ncqa measure certification, organizations know their measure logic has gone through the industry’s most rigorous assessment. federal, state and other public-sector entities that use a third-party vendor to calculate hedis measure rates in their public-sector program may be required to use an ncqa-certified vendor or have their selected vendor complete ncqa’s measure certification program. health plans and provider organizations that submit measure rates for the amp program may contract directly with ncqa to certify their measure logic. health plans and other health care organizations can learn more about how to choose a vendor for hedis or amp reporting or see a list of organizations that have earned ncqa measure certification.

the first step is completing an application and signing a certification agreement. measures that are not eligible for certification under ncqa’s hedis measure certification program are noted below. any external or commercial use of these measures requires a license and inclusion of the appropriate disclaimers. the eula will be provided to you by a: direct customers and licensed users will receive a slightly modified eula from a certified vendor or reseller, as applicable, that grants permission to provide access to (but not remarket, resell or license) the certified vendor’s product to third parties, whether affiliated or unaffiliated with the direct customer or licensed user, termed “authorized users” or “participants”, subject to passing through the slightly modified eula to the authorized users or participants. authorized users and participants may not remarket, resell, distribute or license the certified vendor product to third parties. please check ncqa’s website periodically for changes to the eula; however, ncqa will attempt to notify all certified vendors if any material modifications are made.

hedis compliance audit certification. the healthcare effectiveness data and information set (hedis compliance auditor, you must pass the hedis compliance audit™ exam. the exam is typically offered twice a year. the next exam review and session will be october 21 at ncqa headquarters in washington, dc. hedis health plan certification. certifies unadjusted hedis health plan measures. vendors must be certified for all, hedis training 2020, hedis training 2020, hedis auditor salary, hedis training manual, ncqa certification.

only certified hedis compliance auditors working for licensed organizations may complete hedis compliance audits, learn more with hedis faqs or ask a question through my ncqa. health it/ data collection certification ncqa-certified vendors have gone through a rigorous process to validate accuracy and all organizations submitting hedis data to ncqa must be audited by a licensed organization. (last, hedis audit process, hedis login, hedis measures, hedis webinar

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