3d printed fishing gear

you’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly before this work is close to acceptable. — the economist, in a february 10, 2011 leader[58] reason for getting into 3d printing is to make my own prototype fishing tackle in house before investing the price of a new truck into tooling. tackle is all computer made nowadays and that requires a cad file in various formats for the cnc machine to make tooling. burned thru the best part of year and $3,000 in meat head design for plastic throw away parts. if you purchased a meat head for me in 2005, unless a fish chewed it off? i can build several prototypes in a day, then sort the wheat from the chaff.

my 1st attempt was to purchase a low cost basic 3d printer around $700. wasted 2 months in mistaken hopes this would be a learner machine, before i dumped bigger bucks into a more expensive machine. granted it going to take a good amount of time and parts to recuperate the money spent on a 2 to 3k 3d printer, but the potential is there. if you’re after the technical jargon, the below links from wiki and there for your review: pla:  .org/wiki/polylactic_acid fff= fused filament fabrication is the layering process 3d printers use to build your ideas. as of june 2013 thingiverse had a 100,000 designs and continues to grow everyday. this spool holder bolts to the side of the printer with a longer spool axel that accommodate many different brands, types and colors not offered by the company that made my printing machine. in building these test products by skill level should be ready for printing several types and kinds of tackle prototypes i have in mind for 2015.  this is the main goal behind the incentive to purchase a printing machine in the first place.

we participate in the amazon affiliate program and may earn a commission if you make a purchase through links on our site. 3d printed fishing things? honestly, i wasn’t sure what to search for so i just started looking for “3d printed fishing stuff”. great to keep nearby so you can always be prepared, or for backpacking/camping with the kids (just be sure to know how to best introduce kids to fishing). costing less than $5, in the words of the creator “it’s a plastic fly reel so there not too much that special about it. instead, print it with uv safe petg, because petg is far stronger than pla and petg is nearly as good as abs. i caught one, almost two northern pikes with it.

i just superglued my halves together, and painted them with some leftover acrylic paint, and i am sure that you do not need to paint it at all if you have bright filament. just make sure that your hooks are attached well. i lost a fish because the hook came off as i was lifting it out of the water. it’s so compact you could even put it on a keychain (though it would make for a very uncomfortable bump in your pocket). while the creator doesn’t suggest a filament, we’d recommend printing these with petg or stronger. the first lure is to be printed at 60% infill so that it floats, whereas the second lure should be printed with 100% infill so it sinks. it’s important to achieve a smooth, high gloss finish to catch the light as they spin through the water. when fishing for fish in the panfish family – inlcuding rock bass, yellow perch, black crappies/calico bass, all sunfish, or white perch – you’re looking to cause the “reactionary strike”.

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